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Carbamide Forte COLLAGEN-5X 90TABS

Carbamide Forte COLLAGEN-5X 90TABS

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 ALL 5 TYPES OF FOOD SOURCE COLLAGEN TYPE I, II, III, V & X IN 1 TABLET: Our Multi Collagen protein powder formula tablet includes all 5 types of Collagen for max overall benefits. Our multi collagen supplement  improves hair, skin, nails, joints, bones and  digestion.

✔ PIPERINE FOR MAX ABSORPTION: Our collagen booster includes black pepper extract which improves absorption of Collagen in the body and helps you gain faster results.

✔ GET GLOWING SKIN & WATCH YOUR WRINKLES FADE: Smoother, youthful skin is just weeks away with hydrolyzed collagen powder TYPE I designed to help plump skin and reduce fine lines. 

✔ THICKER HAIR & STRONGER NAILS: The amino Acids in the Multi Collagen tablet add thickness and body to your hair. Tighter bonds make shinier more youthful hair.

✔ SUPPORT FOR JOINT COMFORT, MOBILITY & STRONGER BONES: Our Collagen Builder supports joint flexibility and bone strength for both women and men. 

Dosage Recommendation of Multi Collagen Tablets : You need to consume 3 Tablet daily with any meals or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Directions of Multi Collagen Tablets: Take 3 Tablets daily with any meal or follow your healthcare practitioner’s advice to reap Carbamide Forte Collagen benefits.

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