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Carbamide Forte VITAMIN C 1000MG 120TABS

Carbamide Forte VITAMIN C 1000MG 120TABS

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100% NATURAL VITAMIN C FROM AMLA EXTRACT: Get Vitamin C from 100% Pure & Natural source of Amla.

✔ IMMUNITY BOOSTER VITAMIN C WITH ZINC: Vitamin C & Zinc both may help you build your immunity, Vitamin C also may help skin glow and acts as a collagen builder.

 ZINC GLUCONATE IS 3X BETTER ABSORBED THAN ZINC SULPHATE: Zinc is a tricky mineral when it comes to absorption by your body. Don’t settle for the cheapest Zinc Sulphate given by others. Your body absorbs ZINC GLUCONATE 3 TIMES MORE THAN ZINC SULPHATE.

COLLAGEN BUILDER FOR HAIR, SKIN & NAIL HEALTH – Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for collagen synthesis. Collagen is well known for its benefits including hair skin & nail health as well as for Joint health. By supplementing Vitamin C, you are strengthening your ability to absorb and utilize more Collagen.

 VITAMIN C FOR YOUNGER SKIN GLOW, GRACEFUL AGING & A PERFECT ACNE SUPPLEMENT - Concentrated Vitamin C is a great for supporting skin health. Vitamin C can give your skin a lifted, more youthful look. Vitamin C also works to protect cells from oxidative stress and bacteria.

Dosage Recommendation of Newcee : You need to take 1 tablet daily, with a full glass of water or as directed by your healthcare professional.

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