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Carbamide Forte Vitamin D3+K2 120 Tablet

Carbamide Forte Vitamin D3+K2 120 Tablet

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 VITAMIN D3 TABLET WITH VITAMIN K COVERS 100% OF YOUR DAILY REQUIREMENTS OF D3 & K2 MK7: Vitamin K2 & Vitamin D supplement are the perfect pair as D3 helps better absorption of Calcium and K2 directs the Calcium from the bloodstream to the bones. Better than any other vitamin d3+k2 supplements.

✔ CHOLECALCIFEROL THE BEST ABSORBED FOR D3 VITAMIN SUPPLEMENT: Our Vitamin D tablets are sourced from LICHEN (veg source) and this form has highest bioavailability.

✔ 20X HIGHER ABSORPTION OF VITAMIN K2 MK7: Menaquinone form of Vitamin K2 is absorbed 20x higher than any other form.

✔ SUPPORTS STRONG BONES & BETTER CALCIUM ABSORPTION: Vitamin D3 k2 supplements help maintain optimum bone density by helping you absorb your calcium better.

✔ KEEPS YOUR HEART HEALTHY AND ARTERIES FROM CLOGGING: Vitamin K2-MK7 directs the Calcium from your blood stream to your bones for better absorption.

Dosage Recommendation of MenavonD3 : You can consume one tablet daily with any meals or as directed by your healthcare professional. Not to exceed the recommended daily dosage.

Directions of MenavonD3 : Take one tablet daily with any meal or follow your healthcare practitioner’s advice to reap Carbamide Forte Vitamin D3 benefits.

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