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Rule 1 Pre-Amino Energy BCAA 30 Serving Fruit Punch

Rule 1 Pre-Amino Energy BCAA 30 Serving Fruit Punch

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  • Provides a full 5 grams of micronized BCAAs in the proven ratio of 2:1:1.
  • Micronized for fast absorption, ensuring better mixability without any settling.
  • Supports protein synthesis: BCAAs are proven to be highly anabolic. They stimulate protein synthesis, which directly leads to muscle growth.
  • Anti-catabolic support: BCAAs help prevent muscle protein breakdown, providing anti-catabolic support.
  • BCAAs support energy demands during exhaustive training, helping to prevent muscle protein breakdown.


5g micronized BCAAs†

2:1:1 ratio of leucine to isoleucine and valine

Formula transparency

ZERO Fillers

ZERO Added Sugars

ZERO Stimulants

How to Use


R1 BCAAs is best taken in the morning, during or after workouts, and/or at bedtime. 

Mixing Directions 

Mix one (1) scoop with 8-10 oz. of cold water and consume before, during, or after training. 

Alternate Suggested Use 

Add a scoop to almost any workout supplement, juice, or protein shake.

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